Thursday, 30 December 2010

Unique Brainstorming, Advice and Action Planning Service

Ø      Are you self employed or starting a business while holding down a job?
Ø      Do you not have enough time and too much to fit into that time?
Ø      Are you struggling with all the tasks associated with running you business?
Ø      Are you a Mumtrepreneur managing your business around school runs?
Ø      Do you have loads of ideas, but not sure which to do first?
Ø      Have you made a snap decisions and then worry you have spent money needlessly?
Ø      Do you work on your own and have one-one to bounce ideas around with?
Ø      Can’t afford the time to complete a whole day course / seminar?
Ø      Spent lots of money on advertising that has not delivered a return on the investment?

If you have answered yes to even one of the above questions then Spirit Business Training can help. We have been there and can help pass on our experiences.
Your session will be about your business and your ideas.

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